I recently came across this situation where I had to deep link an app in React Native. After googling a lot, I realised that there’s a lack of up-to-date tutorials out there. So as I had a bunch of issues trying to figure this out I decided to write something on that subject.

So the point here is to create a link that should led us directly to our app and also be able to takes us to some specific section inside of it. For example, if you want to share some content on the app, all you’ll have to…

If you work with React Native you may know that sometimes you have to deal with native code, being for package integration or writing your own code in Java for Android or Objective-C/Swift for iOS. Recently I faced the second situation, so I had to write my own code in Java to build a package that is able to get the device ID. At this point you may ask: "Why don't you use the react-native-device-info package provided by react-native-community, it is very good and allows you not to only get the device ID but also lots of other device resources"

I recently came across this message at the Stripe dashboard of a client:

Recently I faced a peculiar situation through a development process of a React Native app.

I thought it would be interesting to share my experience so it might be helpful for those like me who made tons of searches on the net looking for a light.

The Problem

Our client needed to build an app for restaurants where we’d have a base project as a 'skin', so the structure is the same and all the apps are customized with their own settings(colors, logo, icons, keys …). The data is provided by an API Rest that takes the company_id to return the proper…

Rafael Padovani

Developer at Enhancers

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